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Improve Safety.
Find More Road Deficiencies.

Make Multi-Tasking Safer

Looking for road deficiencies while simultaneously driving puts the surveyor in greater risk of an accident and while also making it more likely to miss road deficiencies. By letting CityROVER handle the detecting, the driver can focus on driving safe

Cover More Road, Faster

CityROVER can detect deficiencies without ever stopping the car

Work Order Compatible

CityROVER allows you to manage road deficiencies identified through a simple user interface and integrates seamlessly with your existing work order system to manage all your work orders digitally. Save time spent filing, sorting, and scanning. CityROVER keeps track of every case.


Take Action From Anywhere.

Save Time Investigating Issues.

Review, plan, schedule and assign work to repair crews from office, home or anywhere else.CityROVER gives you the big picture, helping you visualize and prioritize repairs by expanding your access to critical decision-making information, like number of defects, severity, impact to road users and volume of traffic

Stay Ahead of the Game

Take advantage of the current and future features of CityROVER. Getting it early means more time to try it and more time to decide. Enabling you to make gradual adjustments for a smoother transition.