Our Partners Say…

“It’s really great because it helps us package all that information up into a form that the crews can then take. We can target a particular neighborhood or a particular corridor. So, it turned out to be an effective tool for us.”

John Lewis

Public Works Director, Oregon City, OR

“We saw an opportunity in improving the road patrol program and pothole patching work program through partnering with technology provider CityROVER, on the development and use of its AI solution. As a result, our work has been greatly simplified, our roads are better maintained and citizen complaints have greatly dropped.”

Eric Lamain

Manager, Maintenance Operations & Fleet Services, Durham Region, ON

”In 2022 we filled 2,500 potholes. This technology is scanning the road ahead of you and its collecting real-time data which then maps-out where all these potholes are and colour codes the priorities. This is just another valuable tool that allows us to get ahead of the game.”

Philip Bellefontaine

Director of Public Works, City of Victoria, BC

“As the equipment takes time to prepare and deploy into the field, having data including grpahics of the size and depth of problem potholes ahead of time makes the most of the crews’ limited time and supply of material. CityROVER has become the teams’ primary source when preparing work-plans.”

Mike Giffard

Process Improvement Analyst, City of Moncton, NB

“It saves us time from searching for them (deficiencies) when they’re already found
for us.”

Tony Varacalli

Maintenance Supervisor, City of Windsor, ON

“CityROVER has benefited the city by handling our road work and adding a layer of protection to our documentation within our network.”

Denis King

Operations Supervisor, City of Markham, ON

“It’s based on true and verifiable data because we know what a pothole is now and we know where they are and so we can improve our dispatching on the field and our workflow
is effective.”

David Richard

Geomatics Technician, Ville de L’assomption, QC

“Working with CityROVER is a fantastic relationship. Right from the start, they’re able to meet our needs, they’re very responsive, the technology is very easy to adapt. It’s extremely organized.”

Phong Nguy, Manager of Contracts,

Field Services and Maintenance, City of Windsor, ON

I would recommend CityROVER to any other municipality looking at streamlining their pothole repair processes. It allows their operators and patrollers to keep their eyes on the road while allowing the AI CityROVER to essentially track all the potholes and repairs in their road network.

Jonathan Thompson

Roads Supervisor, Township of King, ON

“We’re able to categorize them (potholes) on level of severity and determine where we need to go right away.”

Corey Hill

Road Supervisor, Durham Region, ON

“Having this device capturing the pothole location can save them (inspectors) time from stopping and marking down the location. It also eliminates human error.“

Alice Lam

Director of Operations, City of Markham, ON

“Its ability to take a previously tedious and time-consuming task and turn it into a seamless process is just absolutely astounding

Barry Budhu

Manager of Transportation Services, Township of King, ON

”I see potholes every day in the city and there are many that we don’t see because we don’t drive every road every day. The only other way we find out about them is if the public calls them in and lets us know.
So if they don’t call them in and we don’t see them in our normal day-to-day work, then it’s nice to know this camera is picking them up to put them on our list.
I’m surprised by this technology and how accurate it is; It will determine what a pothole and a manhole cover is. It is very little work on our part to distinguish between the pictures — it does a lot of that itself.”

Chayne Husband

Utility Maintenance Specialist, Oregon City, OR

“Leveraging technology in this way helps us to be more efficient as well as provides us metrics. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. I am able to report out regularly how much effort we are putting into asphalt road repair when, in the past, we were only able to say that we were simply just out everyday. Being able to show that we are being productive and knowing that we are actively working to increase our level of service has been a win-win for us.”

Devon Aaroe

Director of Infrastructure, The Corporation of the City of Dawson Creek, BC

”This is just another way the region is using technology to improve the lives of our residents. Not only their day-to-day travels, but getting them home safely.”

John Henry

Regional Chair and CEO, Durham Region, ON

“The application allows us to map our entire road network to have an overall picture of the condition of the roadway and target the problematic portions that need to be repaired. By having photos, it is also possible to determine the type of work to be done before sending a team on site. We used to waste a lot of time dealing with requests from citizens who called us to report potholes. We could receive several calls for the same problem. With CityROVER, we gain efficiency and obtain a better overview of the state of the streets.
Every time you spread salt, the ice melts. If the temperature drops again, the water freezes. By adding salt to melt the ice again, water accumulates again. Repetitions of the freezing and thawing cycle are one of the main causes of the appearance of potholes.”

Maxime Trudeau

Operations Manager of Public Works Department, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

“This Unit Takes a lot of stress off of them (scouting staff). It’s like having another pair of eyes on the roadways at all times. Safety being one of our number one concerns. This unit has really helped us achieve that goal“

Ralph Prestia

Maintenance Supervisor, City of Windsor, ON

“We have worked alongside [CityROVER] to implement their CityROVER AI app to quickly and thoroughly identify deficiencies and execute timely improvements.“

Frank Scarpitti

City Mayor, City of Markham, ON

”It automatically detects potholes and then geolocates them on the city road map. So like that, we were able to see it when going on patrol. It detects road imperfections such as potholes and cracks.
We see more clear adhesion to the road, and it prevents water from entering the repairs.”

Jean-François Kacou

Directeur Général, Ville de Percé, QC