Partnership Program

Our Mission

To digitally transform local governments maintenance operations across the world using the CITYROVER technology. To do this, we are looking for the right partners so that we may grow together and deliver exemplary services to municipalities and local governments.


Brand Recognition

CITYROVER is an award-winning technology with proven deployments in some of the world’s largest cities. Providing an additional reliable service can boost your business brand recognition among local government clients and open the door to new opportunities.

Expand Your Services

Add CITYROVER’s ever-growing list of capabilities to your business services to assist governing bodies in collecting and using data for better public service. Our partners provide an expansive suite of services including road repairs, engineering, surveying, geospatial and other supplementary services to the
public sector.

Additional Support and Resources

You will have access to CITYROVER support and resources to ensure the best experience for each and every opportunity.

Partner Profile Requirement

You are providing services to municipalities and/or government institutions

To become a CITYROVER partner, we require that you read through and provide signed copies of the following:

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Reseller Contract Agreement

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a Partner Today!

For more information about our partnership program, please fill out the application form online.
We will be happy to contact you to discuss how your business can benefit with CITYROVER.