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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CityROVER?

CityROVER is a technology that automates detection of incidents, such as potholes, using artificial intelligence.

Why should I use CityROVER?

CityROVER gives you credible, objective data to ask for the appropriate budget you need to keep your roads in top shape. It also guides you where and when to send your repair crews to get the best value out of their time, and reduce exposure to claims.

What phones is CityROVER compatible with and can I use my own phone?

CityROVER can run on any Android based smart phone, but for best experience it is best to use smart phones provided by us. Don’t worry, the cost of the hardware is bundled into the service which we provide.

Can you integrate with work order systems?

Yes, CityROVER is currently integrated with several work-order systems. We also provide an open Application Interface (API).

Do you need to drive at a certain speed?

CityROVER can detect potholes at almost any speed including on highways. Drive your route casually like you always do and CityROVER would be in the background snapping photos of the issues it finds.

Does CityROVER only detect potholes?

CityROVER can currently detect the following: potholes, manholes, and signs. There are many more capabilities that we are planning to add soon! To learn more, join our free live webinar!

Does CityROVER work in areas with poor connectivity?

Yes, we have rural municipalities that sometimes lose phone connection. CityROVER stores the data on the device until connectivity is improved. It also works with WiFi.

Where can I get some additional information?

Best place to start is to join one of our upcoming information sessions. It will include a product overview, a live demo, and a questions & answers session. Alternatively just reach out to us on our contact page.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. The process is very simple! All we need to get you started is your name, email, phone number, and organization name. We will reach out to you identify the best address to ship to you an all-inclusive evaluation kit. You may register for a free trial here.